Create PLR Videos Using Private Label Content – Did you know you can use Private Label Content graphics to create photo montages, PLR videos, and more?

In this video, Ill show you how to create a photo montage on the Mac using PLR content.

Private label content is content you can use without royalty. You can add, edit, alter, and brand the PLR content as your own, once youve purchased a license to the materials.

When it comes to creating a photo montage using PLR wallpapers, all Macs come with iMovie software, which is very good for creating photo montages. Here, Im using iMovie version 6, rather than the newest version.

iMovie is closely integrated with iPhoto. Your first step is to move your wallpapers into iPhoto, so they will be easily available in iMovie.

But where do you get PLR graphics like desktop wallpapers, PDF worksheets and checklists?

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