Upload Private Label Content to WordPress

http://www.plr.me/report – Learn how to upload PLR content to WordPress in this video tutorial.

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With the new WordPress version 2.7, the navigation has been moved to the left side of the page.

You go down to the Post category, click on the triangle to open that category, and under there youll find Add new post.

Here we have the Add New Post function of the new version of WordPress. You simply click in the field where you would normally write an article and choose Paste from the Edit menu. Here you have your rich text format article ready for use.

The other functions in the Add New Post area include assigning a Category to your post, adding Tags to aid in searching for your post, and Publishing your post.

Now lets add a wallpaper to our post. First well choose a good spot for our image an place the cursor there.

Next we click on the Add an Image icon then click on Select Files.

Now that WordPress has processed your image, they give you some options to choose from before inserting your image.

After making those choices, click on Inset into Post.

Now, before we publish this post, I want to show you one other new feature in WordPress 2.7 thats hidden.

Under Visibility, click on Edit. By checking the Make Sticky box, you will anchor this post at the top of the main page of your blog. This is handy for messages that should be read by all visitors to your blog.

Then we simply publish the completed post.

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