Direct PBM Prescription Card Affiliate / Private Label Program

Prescription Drug Card direct contact through pharmacy benefit management (PBM) programs for agents looking for direct contract through the PBM.

Have you ever though about the Rx Cards that you are promoting? Are you actually promoting the program for you or really for the company that you are an agent of? I suppose the answer would be somewhere in between. You see, you are not actually promoting the program for your benefit since it the your company’s card that you are promoting for. When someone use your cards and find that it actually helped them, it is the card name that they remember, and it is the main website that they would return to, not your replicated website that somewhat belongs to you. In the long run, you miss out on the benefits of your own private label.

If you are serious about being a private label or want to know more information regarding starting a label just like the companies that you represent. It may be the best decision you ever made to break free from being an affiliate of a program that is an affiliate thru the main company.

Keep in mind, you can be like the company that you currently an affiliate of. The point is, you can obtain a direct contract with the PBM.

Our management team has over 50 years of combined industry experience. With a Nationwide Pharmacy Network that includes ALL major chain pharmacies, customizable reporting tools, dashboard technology and a client-driven and success oriented industry-trained staff, Phoenix is truly the next generation of pharmacy benefits.

PBM Benefits Management’s processing engines currently adjudicates 160,000,000 claims annually, with the ability to take on another 200,000,000 claims with the current processing servers in place.

There are benefits in either program with minimal investment risk.

The first program starts out at $1.50 per claim. PBM will provide the card file for you with the Agent ID, and all you need is to print it with your printing company or the company most agents use This program only require you to purchase your cards from 5000 cards for around $60-$65 printed and delivered.

The second program, starts you at $1.75 – you need to create your own website and meet specification criteria from Phoenix PBM for this – and this is where we come in if you are looking for assistance with website creation. This is for serious agents who want to make this program work and make a living out of it. You own your domain name, your cards will have your brand and your agent ID on it. A product of Phoenix PBM website program is

Please see the attachment and see the contract from the company. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As you get more familiar with this Prescription Cards business, you will understand that it is very important to be able to check your claims activity on a daily basis. Direct PBM can provide this to you, indirect program where you enroll thru a broker such as many out there, only provide you a monthly report with the number of claims, and nothing else. Most of the time, you will be in the dark. Secondly, the average savings of the program plays important role in establishing your users base – this help generate long term income at a faster pace. More savings means more will re-use of the cards, results in more referral and the claims are more stable.. .

Whichever program you decide, please fill out the form and scan it to Once the contract is complete, we can begin the next phase – creating your card file or / and website. Let us know so we can help expedite the process.

Email: or contact us: 1(800)717-2175